“If those walls could talk they’d have so many stories, or TALES to tell…” R.C.


The vision for the Fox Tales brand was born in 2012 when best friends, Robert and Jelisa decided to come together and form an apparel line. With no formal training or background in fashion but a lot of heart and even more passion the duo set out to build and create something special, exclusive, and long-lasting.

One girl, one guy. Two views, one voice. Everything from color choices to design selection represent the different view points that effect the telling of the story and the brands subtle confidence. Eager to deliver nothing short of a great product of great quality, the duo, despite many obstacles just kept working and in 2016 were able to unveil the first of many collections to come. Always remembering never to blur our vision of quality and classic style.

As the brand continues to build upon itself we want to thank our supporters for believing in the brand and supporting our message.



It's our goal that in everything we do or create to remain true to ourselves, our tales; always encourage others to do the same and most importantly to never stop moving. Our slogan- La Cosa Nostra- is a phrase rooted in Italian culture that means “Our Thing” not only does it define the pride, creativity, and superior quality put into our gear, but a phrase that also encourages the idea that people around the world share a common code of conduct, lessons, failures, successes, and defeats that make up our tales. Dreaming is vital but it's more important to see them through despite the obstacles. Stay positive, patient, and humbled while your tale unfolds. Hard work and passion is all you need, and anything is for the taking to make..our thing.